Why this blog?

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Main purpose of this blog

There are many blogs and tutorials from experts covering the topics I will surely talk about, but why do I have to add my blog to that numerous list?

In my little journey as software developer, I found that sometimes, developers, espacially newcomers to a programming language world, need specific and understandable tips or code snipets to achieve great projects. Most of the times, experts' solutions are too complex for these newbies to implement. I am here to share some of these take-away, specific, simple yet proven solutions.

Come on! As a developer, I need to prove my skills, because blogging is becoming most developers' trend these days, so qui va se négliger? 😂

What you will learn from my posts

  • Java programing language and its compatible frameworks
  • React and its compatible libraries
  • Cloud AWS
  • GatsbyJs
  • Etc.

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